Creative Direction

 The art of creative direction is rooted in understanding the clients problem and having the ability to devise a creative solution.  Creative directors are able to effectively guide all working pieces to the puzzle to bring life to innovative concepts while staying in line the company goals and bottom line.

Global Mixed Gender Basketball (GMGB) is  a professional co-ed basketball league comprised  of WNBA & NBA players. During the leagues debut year, we provided creative direction, graphic design, brand strategy and visual identity projects. 

Select projects listed below

Sports Broadcast Design

For the GMGB "March Mania" event held in Washington, DC (2018). We developed and designed all graphic assets for live broadcast. We provided creative advisory and styles for motion graphics for in-game jumbtoron displays. 

Assets Include: 

- Lower Third Graphics

- Score Bugs

- Bumps

- Snipes

- Transitions

Event Program Booklet Design

For the league's inaugural exhibition game in Las Vegas, NV "The Las Vegas Showdown" - we designed and developed game program booklets. These booklets served as a solid marketing tool for the league, the sponsor/partner collateral, player memorabilia & fan keepsake. 

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